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graphic design senior thesis


stop online abuse and prejudice


adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop, survey monkey, microsoft office


design an awareness campaign about the mistreatment of women of intersectional identities on online dating applications.


Context Statement:


In the modern age of seeking relationships and dating, online dating applications have become increasingly popular amongst the millennial generation (aged 18-34). It provides a means of connecting with other individuals who are similarly aged, have like interests, and the apps can be used quickly and efficiently. However some women may not feel that the apps are idealized to suit their needs or identities.


Being a woman is an intersectional identity. Aspects of this identity can include race and ethnicity, identifying as LGBTQ+, being differently-abled, and more. Each woman faces unique challenges as they pursue an online relationship. Studies have shown that women of color, specifically black women are the least popular demographic for online dating. Trans women are often questioned inappropriately about their physicality. And women in general work to overcome sexism everyday. This historical trend of women receiving negative, fetishizing, or objectifying responses can be seen continuing in online dating applications.


I would like to explore the historical and modern societal causes of negative treatment of women on online dating applications and what affects this has on the women. Then I would use the information to create an awareness campaign that could potentially lead to better treatment of these individuals. Through the body of work, I hope to convey the jarring and disturbing nature of the online dating culture that women face.




  • Infographic posters (24” x 36”)

  • Campaign slogan

  • Campaign logo/mark


Derived from infographic:

  • Flyer/posters

  • Website wire frame

  • Web banner (300p x 250p)

  • Tote bag

  • T-shirt/dashiki

  • Buttons

  • Baseball cap

  • Wristbands

  • Afro-pick

client / 


role / 

Graphic Designer, Campaign Designer

agency / 

University of Wisconsin - Madison (academic)

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